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Optimized hybrid IT

Modernized IT platforms

Data foundations

AI and emerging technologies

Hybrid to edge consumption

Business speed is the new IT goal

In today’s fast-paced, hybrid IT world, being at business speed means overcoming IT complexity to match the speed of actions to the speed of opportunities. Deploy the right technology to respond quickly to market possibilities — design your digital transformation with expert IT consultation services from HPE Pointnext.

Chart your fastest path from start to outcome

Expertise to guide you every step of the way

What could your business do better if you digitally transformed? Innovate and accelerate in a hybrid IT world, from the edge to the core. Unlock insights for real-time action that opens new opportunities. Amaze customers and staff with interconnected edge experiences.

If you’re ready to reach these outcomes sooner rather than later, turn to the digital transformation services and experts in HPE Pointnext. Our network of 25,000 IT professionals handles more than 11,000 transformation projects a year globally. Our expert advice, library of field-proven blueprints, and IP-based methodologies get your digital transformation journey off to a faster start and a more successful finish than trying to go it alone. Let the experts from HPE Pointnext tailor a digital transformation strategy that not only meets your business and IT needs, but accelerates your time to delivery.

Where do you want to start your digital journey?

Move to cloud-enabled

Shift your service delivery platforms to an automated, flexible, and consumable model with a cloud-enabled agile and ops-lite approach to hybrid IT.

Focus on data-driven

Deliver insights and automated action with a data-driven approach to artificial intelligence and unified big data analytics services.

Redefine edge-connected

Develop differentiated experiences by connecting people, places, and devices with an approach that redefines the intelligent edge.

Fast-track transformational outcomes

HPE Pointnext solutions — built for you or consumed by you

Optimized hybrid IT

Assess, automate, and manage your right mix of hybrid IT with specialized tools and expertise that show you how to operate your workloads in a multi-cloud environment.

Modernized IT platforms

Modernize data center technologies and evolve your IT operating model for greater efficiency with hybrid IT, SAP HANA, and Microsoft Azure Stack.

Data foundations

Unify new sources of data across your big data and SAP HANA foundations to get insights that help you differentiate your products and services.

AI and emerging technologies

Accelerate the integration of enterprise AI technologies, advanced analytics, and blockchain to gain faster insights and actions from new innovations.

Hybrid to edge consumption

Consume IT as you go, on your terms, when you need it across your multi-cloud environment, workloads, and infrastructure.

End-to-end security

Protect your data resiliency and compliance from new threats by embedding security into hybrid IT, the edge, and the cloud.

Edge experiences

Redefine experiences for customers and employees with a secure, intelligent space that’s personalized and pervasively connected, such as context-aware mobile apps and the smarter digital workplace.

Internet of Things

Improve business operations with proven frameworks and use cases for aligning connected things in industrial and enterprise IoT.

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Find your right mix of hybrid IT

Modern IT should be adaptive, programmable, and consumable. Simply moving workloads to the cloud is part of the solution, but not for all workloads, and doesn’t always deliver the expected benefits. Assess, automate, and manage how you source your infrastructure and workloads for optimal results.

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Otto Group cuts IT provision times by up to 90%

Global retail and service company Otto Group transformed its organization and processes. It cut provisioning times and can now deliver its customers innovative shopping experiences.

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Get started with digital transformation — or get an expert opinion about the path you’re already on — when you contact our HPE Pointnext IT consultation services.


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