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    Power & Cooling


    As your increasingly consolidated data center runs hotter, you have to balance performance with higher cooling costs and potential downtime. At Orbit, we can build a solution that fits your infrastructure and delivers the resiliency you need.


    As you converge your infrastructure, its power and cooling needs change dramatically. With a dense, highly utilized environment, you’ll see a larger power draw and increased heat output. To minimize the risk of downtime and protect your systems in the event of a disruption, you need a solution that accounts for these demands by:

    • Keeping Power Infrastructure Stable

    Power being drawn by your equipment needs to be stable and free from surges. Plus, it must be distributed efficiently so no equipment is strained. Unstable and unprotected power distribution can create slowed server response and, worse, irreversible damage.

    • Maintaining Proper Cooling

    You need to provide enough cooling to your servers to maintain performance levels while trying to keep cooling costs low. Failure to properly cool your servers can cause them to overheat and crash, resulting in devastating downtime.

    • Visibility

    Data regarding resource usage, operational status and overall infrastructure health needs to be readily accessible and understandable. Without this information, you may not know that your data center power flows or cooling levels need to be adjusted until it is too late.


    To keep your data center running and avoid the hassle and expense of downtime, you need a power and cooling plan that meets your data center’s demands. The right approach can protect both your infrastructure and your organization’s productivity in the event of an equipment failure, power outage or other disruption. At Orbit, we offer validated designs to address the power and cooling needs of leading converged infrastructure solutions. Your power and cooling solution could include:

    Comprehensive Power Solutions

    An adaptable power protection and control system can include:

    Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) allow you to right size your power flow and adjust it as your needs change. They also serve as temporary battery backup in case of outage.

    Modular power distribution units (PDUs) simplify configuration and support rapid power distribution network expansion.

    Intelligent power distribution units combine power distribution with remote monitoring to quickly alert you to any irregularities in power, humidity or temperature.

    Flexible and Powerful Cooling Resources

    Your cooling infrastructure should be flexible enough to handle the increasing power and rack density of your current consolidated data center, as well as be scalable for the future.

    Smart Management Software

    Having easy access to clear information regarding resource usage, operational status and the overall health of your data center is critical. With the right software, you can strike the perfect balance between data center availability and efficiency


    With a comprehensive power and cooling solution, your organization will enjoy many benefits, such as:

    Increased Resiliency

    Power and cooling technologies can help you identify potential disruptions, prevent damaging downtime and keep your data center up and running even if disaster strikes.

    Reduced Costs

    A plan that maximizes the efficiency of your resource usage can help you reduce the sizable costs of powering and cooling your data center.

    Improved Visibility and Utilization

    The management systems deployed as part of the solution can provide insights into operational efficiencies that go beyond power and cooling. You may uncover a need for more dynamic data center equipment or design a better power distribution plan based on usage patterns.

    Maximized Infrastructure Flexibility

    Th e modular nature of a well-designed power and cooling solution will facilitate future scalability as your organization grows.