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    Data Center

    If you’re planning to build a new data center facility (or retrofit an existing structure for use as a data center), you should seriously consider hiring a data center consultant. Like any important decision, however, you must prepare yourself to choose a good consultant by first studying your own company’s needs as well as the qualifications, skills and characteristics of a data center professional. The more your company relies on IT resources to function, the more critical is the success of your data center project. Professional assistance can quickly provide returns on your investment by saving you frustration, additional costs from errors and inefficient implementations, and even hazardous situations that can threaten equipment and personnel.

    The first step in selecting a data center consultant is evaluating your company’s needs. The consultant can help you to some extent in this regard, but no one knows your company better than you do. The more information you gather and evaluate beforehand, the less you’ll have to pay your consultant for work that you could have done just as well. The second step is evaluating the candidates in light of your needs and their levels of expertise. And finally, of course, you need to make that final decision—perhaps the most difficult part of the process.

    Our Solution Offerings


    Designing & Consulting

    Data Centre is the backbone of an organization. An ideal data center design solution assimilates the use of highly progressive technologies with maximum utilization of resources. We ensure that an organization’s data center is premeditated in a way that it is dependable, scalable, robust, with a 24/7 support.

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    Power & Cooling

    It won’t be an exaggeration to state that cooling is by far the most important use of electrical power in a datacentre. Irrespective of whether it is a network closet or a complex data centre with path-breaking solutions to the future; high efficiency data centre cooling is imperative.

    Offering a stable environment 24/7 with efficient power usage and ideal cooling, we ensure adequate air distribution so that your data centre efficiently runs with lower operating cost no matter the size.

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    Every organisation aims at enhancing speed and agility while minimising risk of losing the data centre assets. A consolidation system that leverages advanced cloud and virtualisation technology to prevent underperformance and incremental costs of maintaining the data centre assets is a necessity. In consultation with the organisation and assessing their hosted IT setup, server and storage virtualization, etc., we at Orbit solutions offera consolidated system to reduce costing, enhance server efficiency, and reduce operational cost thereby, increasing the overall efficiency.

    Business Continuity

    Orbit India’s Business continuity services identifies the dependencies and ensure that the business keeps operating irrespective of the situation. Through our expert services, we offer up time for both Cloud based solutions and physical set-ups. We help in keeping the critical data safe, protected and available. Our disaster recovery services include storage technology options to enable business recover the frequently used primary data immediately along with replication option.

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